Patient Portal appointments: What to expect

Sign up

  • Residents 16 and older can register for a vaccine appointment on the CDR Health Patient Portal,, or by phone at (844) 770-8548.
  • These sites only offer the Pfizer vaccine.
  • There are no vaccines without appointments.
  • Minors under 18 are only eligible for Pfizer per the FDA and must be accompanied by a parent or caretaker.

Show up

  • Every person needs their own appointment.
  • Bring proof of Florida residency to your appointment (driver’s license, utility bill, rental agreement, or deed)
  • Show up on time for your appointment — not early.
  • Park and check in to get your shot.
  • For your safety, plan to wait at least 15 minutes after your injection to leave.
  • Fire paramedic crews are operating public vaccination sites scheduled through the Patient Portal.

Stay safe

  • Receiving both doses is critical for the vaccine to work.
  • Continue to wear masks, social distance, and avoid crowds, even after both doses.

Note: If you have had any kind of vaccine within 14 days prior to going in for your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, you will not be able to receive the vaccine.

Verify you have a VACCINE appointment

The Patient Portal allows users to sign up for vaccines in Pinellas County as well as COVID-19 testing in other counties. Make sure you’ve signed up for a vaccine appointment.

Vaccine Appointment Confirmation:

Need more help?

Those without internet access or who need assistance with the portal can call 844-770-8548. The call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can provide guidance in English and Spanish. Any resident with the ability to access the internet is strongly encouraged to use the online portal, as phone wait times have been exceptionally long in neighboring counties using the same platform.

About CDR Maguire: Health & Medical

CDR Maguire’s healthcare team has been providing PCR, Antibody and Antigen COVID-19 test kits, laboratory services, test site logistics and management, and medical supplies and PPE to state and local governments since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. CDR Maguire’s proprietary software, CDR HealthPro™, is designed to collect and keep track of patient data integrating all patient, county, state, and federal needs into one streamlined portal.